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Large Moving Kit.

Large Moving Kit

The large moving kits are fantastic if you have a home or workplace of substantial size that needs moving. It is the ultimate in Moving Kits and ensures that you will be able to pack everything away safely and neatly.

It contains boxes of various sizes to pack everything in (including your clothes in the wardrobe box!), plus bubble wrap so the goods don't become damaged, packaging tape with a tape gun so that you can easily and securely seal everything you have. Fragile and Top stow stickers to label the boxes with so careless movers won't break your possessions, large blank labels to label the contents of each box, a black marker pen to write with, plus newsprint sheets to wrap things in and finally a box knife to open everything up once you get there! If you require additional products, check out some of our other products in the Moving Kits category.

Quantity: Moving Kit Contains:
30 No. 9 Stock Boxes
90 No. 6 Stock Boxes
15 No. 3 Stock Boxes
4 Wardrobe Box
50 Radiant Red Fragile Stickers
20 Top Stow Stickers
1 Black Marker Pen
150 Large Blank Stickers
12 Rolls Packaging Tape
1 Tape Gun
1 Roll Bubblewrap 900mm x 100m
1 Roll Bubblewrap 300mm x 100m
900 Newsprint Sheets 445mm x 570mm
1 Box Knife

Email Friend Price: $ 499.99
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