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Marlin Laser Labels.

Marlin Laser Labels

Marlin laser labels are suitable for printing in laser printers, inkjet printers and photocopiers and are made from high quality, self adhesive stock.

They are available in 12 different sizes and come packaged in a tough cardboard box designed to keep your labels in tip top condition.

Marlin Laser Labels are perfect for using as delivery address labels, P.O Box address labels, or even for labelling things around the home or office!

Quantity 100 per box

Sizes available are:

Label Code: Dimensions of Label: Labels per Sheet:
MS01 210mm x 295mm 1 label per sheet
MS02 199mm x 142.5mm 2 labels per sheet
MS04 102mm x 144.5mm 4 labels per sheet
MS08 102mm x 72mm 8 labels per sheet
MS12 68mm x 72mm 12 labels per sheet
MS14 98mm x 38mm 14 labels per sheet
MS16 102mm x 36mm 16 labels per sheet
MS20 98mm x 25.5mm 20 labels per sheet
MS24 68mm x 36mm 24 labels per sheet
MS30 64mm x 25.5mm 30 labels per sheet
MS33 68mm x 25mm 33 labels per sheet
MS45 51mm x 15mm 45 labels per sheet

Box of 100 Sheets:
Box of 500 Sheets:

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