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Packaging Labels 30x125 Dispenser.

Packaging Labels 30x125 Dispenser

30mm x 125mm (Qty 250 per box) Packaging labels printed in red ink on high quality white gloss stock with a permanent adhesive. The labels are packaged in a handy dispenser box to make application even easier. Perfect for smaller packages. These labels highlight the special treatment that your package may need. Whether it requires refridgeration or even just to be held up a specific way, these labels will ensure the courier drivers pay attention!

Don't let your parcels be mistreated because the courier can't read the labels! Get noticed with these highly visible packaging labels and every parcel you label will arrive at its destination, to the requirements the labels specify.

We can supply many different types of labels and are sure to have the right one for you! The labels are all 30mm wide and 125mm long and they come in dispenser boxes, 250 quantity.

Types of labels are:

Don't Bend Don't Crush
Fragile Glass with Care
Handle with Care Hold
Packing Note Enclosed Perishable Goods
Refrigerate Sold
This Way Up Urgent
Top Stow

Single Boxes of 250:
12 Packs of 250 (3000 Labels):

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