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Bubble wrap Rolls

Bubble wrap Rolls.


ALL NEW! 60 Metre Rolls

Single Rolls:
4 Bales:
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picture frame packaging bundle.


2 rolls of 1300mm x 30M jumbo bullewrap (25mm bubbles)
1 rolls of 1300mm x 100M standard bubble
1 roll of 1200mm x 75M roll of cardboard

Price: $ 249.95


Corrugated Cardboard.


Single Faced corrugated wrap provides an extra level of firm protection for your items that require additional stability during transit. Simply cut or tear off your desired length, wrap your product, then place your wrapped item in packaging for delivery.

Available in 2 widths 1200mm and 700mm, both 75m long and approx 620mm in diameter.

Corrugated Rolls:
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Corrogated Cardboard Sheets 1.5M x 1M.


Twin Cushion Corrogated Cardboard Sheets, 1.5M x 1M. Cut them to size yourself to keep your prints flat during shipping. Twin Cushion for Extra Strength.

Price: $ 4.95


Mini Box Knife. Discounts Apply !
20 cents off each for 10 or more


Small disposable box cutter knife. The perfect size to carry around in your pocket for easy access. It has a retractable blade so you can rest easy if it is in your pocket!

Price: $ 1.50

Packaging Tape

Packaging Tape.


Don't be fooled by that cheapo packaging tape with only 50m on a roll! Our tape is good quality clear packaging tape 48mm wide and a full 100m on every roll.

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Packaging Labels 30x125 Dispenser

Packaging Labels 30x125 Dispenser.


30mm x 125mm (Qty 250) Packaging labels printed in red ink on high quality white gloss stock with a permanent adhesive. The labels are packaged in a handy dispenser box to make application even easier. Perfect for smaller packages.

Single Boxes of 250:
12 Packs of 250 (3000 Labels):
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Packaging Warning Labels 99x98mm

Packaging Warning Labels 99x98mm.


99mm x 98mm (Qty 500 per roll)Packaging Labels are made from either premium high gloss paper with a permanent self adhesive, or printed in black on a radiant red stock.

Single Rolls of 500:
12 Packs of 500 Labels (6000 Labels):
List Price: $ 39.00
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Packaging Tape Dispenser Gun

Packaging Tape Dispenser Gun.


Make taping up those parcels and boxes so much easier with this ergonomic pistol grip style tape gun. Our packaging tape fits these guns perfectly!

Price: $ 21.95

White Acid Free Tissue Paper

White Acid Free Tissue Paper.


1 ream (1000) sheets of white, acid free tissue paper 508mm x 660mm. Acid free tissue paper is great for packaging photos, delicate fabrics and lace, silverware, chrome ware and will not harm the finish of these products.

Price: $ 69.99

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