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Pizza Boxes

Pizza Boxes.


Pizza Boxes available in 5 sizes.
White Corrugated boxes made with the highest quality board. Brown inner with vent holes to prevent internal condensation. These boxes offer great stacking strength and are a smart looking design.

Please note a change in sizes available, the old 8 inch and 10 inch boxes have been swapped for 7 inch and 9 inch. Similar but not quite the same!!

20 Packs:
Pizza Packs:
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Cake Boxes

Cake Boxes.


Supplied flatpacked and easy to assemble. Much stronger than the traditional Formakote box so a better stacking ability.

10 packs:
100 packs:
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Cup Cake Boxes

Cup Cake Boxes.


Our traditional 10" cake box with an extra insert suitable for 9 cupcakes. We have been asked MANY times for this product and we are happy to be able to help!
Boxes are made from super strong "E" flute corrugated board so are much sturdier than the traditional Formakote boxes.

Cupcake Boxes:
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