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A4 Copy & Laser Paper

A4 Copy & Laser Paper.


For a limited time only at this price!

Fuji Xerox A4 Performer Copy Paper, 80gsm, 161 CIE whiteness, economical white paper.
Specifically designed for a quality finish through colour copiers and laser printers, suitable for single and double-sided printing and copying.

500 Sheets per Ream.
5 Reams per Box.

210 x 297mm, 80 Gsm

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Ball Point Pens.


Retractable Ball Point Pens
Available in Red, Black and Blue.

Specifications: 0.7mm

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Permanent marker pen (black).


Permanent marker pen in Black.

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Marlin Laser Labels

Marlin Laser Labels.


Marlin laser labels are suitable for printing in laser, inkjet and photocopiers and are made from high quality, self adhesive stock. Quantity 100 per box Note: The MS code indicates the number of labels per page (ie: MS24 has 24 labels per page).

Box of 100 Sheets:
Box of 500 Sheets:
List Price: $ 49.95
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Mini Box Knife. Discounts Apply !
20 cents off each for 10 or more


Small disposable box cutter knife. The perfect size to carry around in your pocket for easy access. It has a retractable blade so you can rest easy if it is in your pocket!

Price: $ 1.50

100% NZ

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